New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Redesign, MSRP, Release Date

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Redesign, MSRP, Release DateFor a long time, the Prius has been a popular budget choice. So many will be wondering if the New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 is worth the additional $4k. It shares nearly all of the same infrastructure as its less expensive sibling, including a 121 horsepower powertrain and similar infotainment and safety features. However, its plug-in nature is what makes it stand out.

The Prime runs on pure electric power without the need for regenerative brakes. It can be recharged every ten minutes and can travel up to 25 miles on its own. The Prime also has a class-leading mileage of 133 MPGe. This is far better than its direct competitors, such as the Honda ClarityPHEV and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. It may not have the same premium interior or sleek body as some of its modern counterparts, but it has remained popular over the years. Moreover, this is still one of the most affordable vehicles on the market.

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Redesign

Exterior Design

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 continues to have a unique style for another year. Because the Prime is semi-electric, it doesn’t need a prominent grille. Instead, it gets a solid front fascia. This is contrasted by the slim, automatic headlights that sweep up the hood in series of LED clusters. To improve fuel efficiency and optimize aerodynamics the body’s lines are steeply curved. However, the rear is more angular with a bizarrely grinning black hatch cover framed by brake lights strips. The 15-inch alloy wheels look out of place during the bulky rear end. The only improvements that are restricted to the top tier are LED fog lights and rain-sensing wipers.

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New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Exterior

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Exterior

Interior Design

The interior is less expensive because the car is targeted at those with a tight budget. The interior looks great, especially with all the controls and a large infotainment screen. However, the fabrics are of poor quality, and more intricate plastic is on display than in premium models like Tesla. Nevertheless, you still get a good deal considering the amount you’re spending.

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Interior

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Interior

The Prime has plenty of space, an extensive entertainment suite, as well as lots of driver-assist technology. To fully appreciate Prime’s features, such as power-adjustable seating or wireless charging, you might need to upgrade to the base LE. If you’re seated in the back, the cabin can be a little cramped. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than average. However, the front row has plenty of head and legroom, so they shouldn’t complain unless they are over six feet tall.

Although the back row can seat three people, it is not suitable for small children. In addition, the hatch’s sloped roof reduces headroom. The legroom is also limited if the front seats are not pulled forward. However, a family of four can fit comfortably in the midsize. Just make sure you stretch out now and again if your goal is to use the entire 640-mile cruising range.

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Engine

The Toyota Prius Prime plug-in is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that works with an electric motor. The result isn’t as impressive as you might think. The gas engine produces 95 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque, while the total system output is 121 horsepower. The CVT transmission directs this power to the front wheels. This CVT transmission is quieter than many rivals and helps keep acceleration smooth if it is not fast.

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Engine

New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Engine

However, 121 horsepower can only do so much. While rivals put out 200 horsepower – think of the Sonata and Clarity – the Prime can only produce half that. It is more comfortable in cities, even though it has a maximum range of approximately 200 hp, making it feel more at home. You will need to use the main generator to merge or pass on the highway. This is a difficult task. If your commute from work is less than 25 miles, the combustion engine won’t be needed.

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New Toyota Prius Prime 2022 Price and Release Date

To account for minor updates in 2022, the price of the Toyota Prius Prime has only slightly increased. The base model LE will be available at $28,220 MSRP, while the mid-tier XLE will sell at $30,000. The Limited is at the top of this range, starting at $28,220 MSRP. It has a base price of $34,000, which is slightly more daunting. However, this price isn’t likely to rise much considering there aren’t many accessories and no comprehensive packages.

Remember that prices do not include taxes, registration, licensing, or destination fees. However, some States may offer hybrid rebates to offset these costs. In addition, a federal income tax credit of $4,502 is available for the 2022 Prius Prime.

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