New Toyota Mirai 2022 Price, Interior, Reviews

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Price, Interior, ReviewsToyota launched the Mirai Sedan in 2016. It quickly gained attention for its innovative approach to a greener future. Unfortunately, although the concept received much praise, the Mirai Sedan did not make the same impact. Although the Toyota Mirai hasn’t changed much since its 2016 debut, it is about to undergo a significant overhaul with the New Toyota Mirai 2022.

The 2022 Toyota Mirai has a new suit. It is more comfortable on the eyes and looks more Lexus-like than the bulky design of its predecessor, the Mirai. This was a distant cousin of the Toyota Prius. The 2022 Toyota Mirai has many other changes, including a more comfortable and advanced interior that can accommodate five people. And did we mention that, unlike its predecessor, the Toyota Mirai 2022 will be rear-wheel drive?

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Redesign

Exterior Design

The New Toyota Mirai 2022 is dressed in the Toyota facia, which is very similar to other offerings from the auto-marquee. The 2022 Toyota Mirai from the front looks very similar to the Avalon. However, it is the car’s repulsive side profile that makes this car stand out. The attempted fastback shape at the rear seems a little too overdone as it dominates other design elements. The exterior dimensions of the 2022 Toyota Mirai are similar to other Gas-powered sedans. It isn’t too small or large, and it has good proportions.

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Exterior

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Exterior

Large air inlets are located on the front bumper. They cool down the fuel cell system and keep it functional. Although the sedan appears narrower than a regular sedan, it is more comprehensive inside. The side profile is a little out of the ordinary, with a floating roof and glossy black stripes on the front fenders. Two separate light clusters make the rear of this sedan look robotic. The boot lid has an LED strip, and the rear tail lamps are located lower than the bumper. You will need to open the boot lid manually.

Interior Design

The Toyota Mirai’s cabin is spacious and airy. Large windows enhance the space and increase visibility. The 2022 Toyota Mirai is capable of seating up to five passengers. All of them will enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable drive thanks to the ample space. The Mirai offers ample space for all occupants.

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Interior

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Interior

Toyota’s Entune 3.0 infotainment system is housed in the 2022 Toyota Mirai. It displays all information on a 12.3-inch focal touchscreen panel. In addition, the Mirai comes with advanced entertainment features like a Premium Entune Sound System with 11 JBL Speakers and Dynamic Real-Time Navigation, which can direct you to the closest Hydrogen Filling Stations.

The Mirai sedan’s interiors are beautiful, plush, and have a futuristic design. You have the option to choose from either warm or deep ocean blue faux leather materials. Although the interiors are beautiful, the faux leather in warm white is more prone to dust. The seats offer excellent support and are well-padded. They also have a 2-level heating function. The dashboard and interior panels are made of soft-touch plastic, so they don’t feel cheap.

Rear seats are equally comfortable, and the recline angle of the rear seats is perfect. Unfortunately, the cabin is limited to two people and has a large console in the middle. This limits the seating capacity to four. It is very disappointing that the cabin does not have adequate storage space. The dashboard design is reminiscent of something out of a sci-fi movie. There are no analog dials in the cabin. There are three screens in total: the instrument and driver information cluster sits on the top portion of the dashboard. In addition, the infotainment system and air-conditioning controls have screens.

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Engine

The Toyota Mirai’s octane is mainly obtained via a Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor. The engine produced 151 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of the peak spinning force in 2022 Toyota Mirai. However, we expect these numbers to increase for the 2022 Toyota Mirai. In addition, a high-voltage Nickel-Metal Hydride battery is installed to enhance the engine’s ability to provide a more engaging ride. It also provides enhanced regenerative brake and some performance at low speeds, where the engine feels slow and slow.

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Engine

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Engine

The Toyota Mirai’s powertrain also includes a pair of high-pressure carbon fiber hydrogen tanks that store hydrogen and expand it accordingly. The 2022 Toyota Mirai has a 1-speed auto transmission. This is a change from the previous model, which was driven by the front wheels. The Toyota Mirai is not a car that can sprint down the roads at lightning speeds, but rather a grateful gesture to Mother Earth and your wallet. Nevertheless, the Mirai can still compete with other small sedans and has respectable off-the-line figures.

New Toyota Mirai 2022 Price and Release Date

The 2022 Toyota Mirai is more than just looking better than the predecessor. It also packs more power, has more torque, and offers more trim options. There will be two trim levels for the 2022 Toyota Mirai: XLE and Limited. Although there are no details about the price of the new Mirai yet, we anticipate that it will start at $64,000 when it goes to market in December 2021.

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