New Toyota 86 2022 Release Date, Price, Specs

New Toyota 86 2022 Release Date, Price, SpecsThe 2022 model year will also mark the debut of the second generation 86 nameplate. It will look more like the Toyota GR Supra. The exterior and interior will be refreshed with a bolder grille and an updated cabin featuring the 7-inch digital gauge cluster. The 2.0-liter flat 4-engine engine will be replaced by the new 2.4-liter flat-4 unit that can produce 228 horsepower. It will come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, while the optional 6-speed automatic unit is available. The New Toyota 86 2022 will compete with the Subaru BRZ and Nissan 370Z in this segment and the Honda Civic Coupe.

New Toyota 86 2022 Redesign

Exterior Design

The New Toyota 86 2022 retains the classic look of the original model and has the same visuals. The 2022 Toyota 86 features a short rear deck and a long hood, standard features in affordable sports cars. The front section is kept planted by the integrated canards and large chin spoiler. For better handling, the overall structure has been improved, and torsional rigidity increased.

New Toyota 86 2022 Exterior

New Toyota 86 2022 Exterior

Toyota has avoided making unnecessary styling statements and kept sports cars minimalistic in appearance. The Toyota 86’s cutting-edge design is highlighted by the extended fenders and 17-inch split-spoke alloy wheels. Modern features such as integrated Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) and turn signal indicators are a part of the modern design.

The Subaru BRZ has the highest curb weight, and Nissan is the lightest compared to the other competitors. Toyota 86 has the track antics to get the significant dimensions for next year. All Japanese cars offer similar road presences to their Japanese counterparts.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2022 Toyota 86’s will be just like the previous model. It will be practical and easy to use as a daily driver. The interior dimensions have been kept as they are. Toyota hasn’t made significant interior changes as it has focused on the hardware. However, even the most minor changes can be easily observed. Two large digital displays have been added to the dashboard, giving it a modern look. The controls are simple and easy to use. The steering wheel has audio controls, which make it easier to access music.

New Toyota 86 2022 Interior

New Toyota 86 2022 Interior

The passengers are drawn to the “86” logo on the glove box. It can carry four people despite being a sports car. Standard equipment includes sports bucket seats that provide exceptional support and bolstering for the front occupants. The seats have a unique red contrast stitching, and the Granlux trim adds luxury to the interior. The front row provides ample space for relaxation and comfort. However, the rear row is not as comfortable as the front row and is better suited for children.

Toyota 86 has 6.9 cubic feet of cargo space, which isn’t huge. You have the option of folding rear seats, which increases cargo space, even though there are only two people aboard. The upcoming model will see tech and infotainment upgraded. The new, larger 8-inch touchscreen unit will be available with a more modern interface. Standard now is the 7-inch digital gauge cluster, which displays navigation-related information directly in front of drivers. In addition, the newer model will include features such as Apple Carplay compatibility and Android Auto compatibility.

New Toyota 86 2022 Engine

Surprisingly the 2022 Toyota 86 will arrive with more strong mechanicals and performance enhancements to keep enthusiasts interested. The Toyota will receive a larger 2.4L flat-4 engine. This will be a departure from previous versions. This engine, which is derived from the Subaru BRZ ship-sister, is capable of producing 228 horsepower as well as 184 lb-ft of torque. The power delivery is linear, so you shouldn’t expect any significant differences in the times from 0-60 mph. A 6-speed manual transmission transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheels. An optional six-speed manual transmission will also be available. It is expected that it will cost approximately $700 more.

New Toyota 86 2022 Engine

New Toyota 86 2022 Engine

Toyota claims the newer model can go from 0-60 MPH in just 6.9 seconds, faster than its predecessor. It is lighter and has more power under the hood. The 2022 model features the D-4S port injection system and direct fuel injection. This improves throttle response over the previous iteration. Flat-4 engine and RWD layout allow for a low center of gravity, making it easy to handle. This helps to keep the car stable and allows you to take control of every turn. However, due to the stiff suspension, the ride quality will not be as good.

The Toyota 86 has performed well in comparison to its competitors. It has the upgraded 2.4L Naturally Aspirated flat-4 motor that produces better figures than its predecessor. Subaru BRZ is its sibling and gets the exact figures. The Nissan 370Z is the top performer with its 3.7L V6 engine, which produces a staggering 332 horsepower. The Honda Civic Coupe is still far behind its competitors.

New Toyota 86 2022 Price and Release Date

Based on the sales charts of previous generations, the price of the 2022 Toyota 86 should be in the range of $28,000-32,000. The three distinct variants of the Toyota 86 are Base, GT, or Hakone Edition. In addition, the car received a major overhaul that included new features and a new engine. This will result in a price increase for all trims.

Each trim pack has plenty of goodness, but the price for an automatic transmission could rise to $700. Although the GT model will offer more advanced features, there is no official confirmation from Toyota. Toyota has yet to reveal the official launch date for the 2022 Toyota 86. It will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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